Pole Dance Italy is looking for Pole Reporters for a new column dedicated to pole dance around the world. We are looking for people who want to share with us their experiences and their stories about pole dancing.

Who are we looking for:

Everyone who is passionate about pole dancing, who has never tried pole dancing but was thinking about doing it, who has been practising pole dancing for a long time, who hasn’t practised pole dance at all but has seen a show or a spectacle and wants to share this experience.

What are we looking for:

Urban tales, experiences regarding pole dance. For example, a trial of a new studio, the first lesson, or an event relating to pole dance, something cool that has happened in your city. The article should not be a simple review but a real urban tale, which communicates pole dancing passion.
We will not take into consideration any articles about you personally or openly against a specific studio or a person.

What we ask you

To respect your involvement,  to tell us the topic, the delivery deadline and to respect it. In this way we will be able to organize the blog and avoid any posts overlapping.

Ready to join?

When you become a pole reporter for Pole Dance Italy, your article will be published on www.poledanceitaly.com and your name with your info will be included in the editorial staff section. The article will be published in your mother tongue and translated into Italian.

Unfortunately, as we have no official sponsor yet, we cannot pay you.

If you are ready to start:

Send us an email to: info@poledanceitaly.com subject “pole reporter”, with:

Something about you: we don’t ask you about your personal life, but a tale about you, your history with pole dance, how you discovered pole dancing and Pole DanceItaly, and why you would like to be part of the team.

An article: have you already written an article? Why don’t you send it us, if it is ok, we will publish it immediately.

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